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Areas of Specialty

Trauma Recovery

Trauma can feel like a wave that crashes over your identity, pulling you into the abyss. It can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Sometimes that negative voice becomes so loud that it may feel like you've lost your own. My passion is to help people recover from PTSD and traumatic events; to empower and help heal at the client's pace. My promise is to hold hope when you may not be able to, to empower your voice, and to be there every step of the way.

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I am an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I recognize that each member of this community has unique struggles and barriers that may contribute to their mental health. I enjoy working with couples and individuals that wish to navigate these challenges and improve their mental health.

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Military Familes

The military community has its own unique hardships and transitions. I grew up as a military dependent my entire childhood, which helps me connect to teenage clients experiencing frequent moves and deployments. I also am married to a military service member, and I understand the military lifestyle and all of its hardships. In my practice I work with many military families to help them through transitions, loss, and deployments. If you are a military family, service member, or couple, I can help support you in those needs.

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Quite often, teenagers can be skeptical or nervous about therapy. In today's world, teens are facing more pressures and challenges than ever before. I tailor my approach to whatever my client's personality and needs are. Most of my early work as a therapist was working with teenagers and their trauma or transitions. I have experience working with teenagers who are new to therapy and may be hesitant about opening up to a stranger. I enjoy working with this population to help them build relationships, self esteem, and their autonomy.

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