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Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is helpful for those who wish to dedicate a safe space for their emotional health and wellbeing. It can feel empowering to dedicate time to focus on your own needs and mental health. Individual therapy is also a place to process and heal from trauma. I have experience working with childhood trauma, complex PTSD, and trauma from abusive relationships.

Psychologist Session

Family Therapy

Each family has their own way of functioning, weaving individual needs and perspectives into its quilt. Family therapy is a place to practice communication, resolve conflict, and to make space for each voice to be heard and respected. It is especially helpful for parents and their children, bridging generational differences and healing from painful transitions.

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Couples Therapy

Do you feel stuck in a pattern with your partner? Having the same argument over and over? Or are you healing from a painful event or infidelity? Couples therapy can help tend to these needs. I commit to balancing each person's voice and needs in session. I have experience working with monogamous, polyamorous, and LGBTQ+ relationships. I also help individuals with trauma heal and communicate in the context of their relationships.

Happy Couple

Therapy for Children and Teens

For a preteen or teenager, therapy can feel overwhelming. It is difficult navigating today's world as a young person, and therapy can help. Therapy is a great place to discover your identity, increase communication, and cope with the pressures of every day life. If you are a teenager and are skeptical or nervous about therapy, don't worry! That is normal! We will go at your pace and 
I am here to support you in whatever way I can.

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